“The Entrepreneurial State” TED Talk and Highlights

Check out the terrific TEDGlobal talk from Anthem author, Mariana Mazzucato, whose book, The Entrepreneurial State, has started a much needed discourse about the role of the state in innovation.

Financial Times named ‘The Entrepreneurial State’ one of the ‘2013 Books of the Year’Huffington Post listed it as one of their ‘Favorite Books of 2013‘, Forbes recommended it in its 2013 ‘creative leaders’ list, and Mazzucato was named by New Republic as one of the ‘most important innovation thinkers.

‘[R]ead her book. It will challenge your thinking.’

‘Ms Mazzucato is right to argue that the state has played a central role in producing game-changing breakthroughs, and that its contribution to the success of technology-based businesses should not be underestimated.’
—The Economist

‘Conventional economics offers abstract models; conventional wisdom insists that the answer lies with private entrepreneurship. In this brilliant book, Mariana Mazzucato… argues that the former is useless and the latter incomplete.’
The Financial Times

‘[A] meticulously argued treatise that shows how unwise our conventional wisdom has become.’

‘[P]rovides a refreshing new take on rather stale debates on the economic role of government.’
—Globe and Mail

‘The state, [Mazzucato] argued, is a ‘market maker,’ whose ability to take bold, risky bets is critical for economies to grow at the global cutting edge.’
—The New York Times

‘This is a book whose time has come.’
—Professor Dani Rodrick, Harvard University

‘[A] well-researched and elegantly (even entertainingly) written knock-out to the belief [that] “the market knows best”.’
—Professor Robert Wade, London School of Economics‘

[A]ims to get us to understand better the sources of entrepreneurship, and to reflect more positively on the role aggressive technology policies can play in getting our economies moving again.’  
—Professor Richard Nelson, Columbia University

‘[This book] has helped to persuade me to shift our approach in the UK.’
—David Willetts, UK Minister for universities and science


Read more about the book here: entrepreneurialstate.anthempressblog.com

Purchase your copy here: www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/0857282522/w042-21