New Book Roundup: Featured Anthem Titles for February

Here are a few of our featured titles released this February:


Re-balancing China: Essays on the Global Financial Crisis, Industrial Policy and International Relations

By Peter Nolan

This book offers unique insight from a leading expert on the core issues affecting China’s political economy today.

Very few Western academics know China through its economy, history and culture as well as Peter Nolan. This is a remarkable book, breathtaking and original in its analysis of the transformations in China’s economy as it seeks to re-balance internally and with the rest of the world. No one has done this better in context and explained the tensions and conflicts within China and with its major trading partners and competitors. I could not put this book down.’ —Andrew Sheng, President of the Fung Global Institute, Hong Kong

9781783080175_1.jpgSophisticated Interdependence in Climate Policy: Federalism in the United States, Brazil, and Germany

By Vivian E. Thomson

This book offers a desperately needed framework for climate-change policy in the US, acknowledging the crucial role of coherent state–federal relations.

“Through elaborated interconnections and an in-depth view, Thomson provides unique insights, skillfully identifying common ground and pivotal factors to break today’s stalemates in multilateral environmental agreements. Readers, regardless of their political views, will find much to stimulate their thinking in this book.” —Oswaldo Lucon, Professor, University of São Paulo, and Climate Change Adviser, São Paulo State Government

9781783080366_1.jpgA History of Ireland, 1800 – 1922: Theatres of Disorder?

By Hilary Larkin

In this study, Ireland’s status as a theatre of disorder from 1800 to 1922 is investigated and re-assessed.

‘Hilary Larkin’s book is more than a history of Ireland under the Union. It is in many respects a history of the Union, and she ranges with confidence over cultural, social and political events in Britain as well as in Ireland. She adds her own judgements to her impressive familiarity with and synthesis of recent historiography.’ —Michael Laffan, University College Dublin School of History and Archives

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9781783081110.jpg‘In the World of the Outcasts: Notes of a Former Penal Laborer’ (Volume I and Volume II)

By Pëtr Filippovich Iakubovich, Translated with an Introduction by Andrew A. Gentes

The first English-language translation of P. F. Iakubovich’s popular roman à clef about his exile and experiences as a Siberian penal laborer during the late nineteenth century.