Anthem Press | 20 years in publishing, new international partnerships and new book series

Anthem at Frankfurt2

This year marks our 20th anniversary. Despite the turbulent times in which we live, Anthem has gone from strength to strength, with new global publishing partnerships, forward-thinking series and well-reviewed books. We have earned an excellent international reputation, being known for the originality and diligence of our scholarship and the high quality of our production.

Building on this, we are pleased to announce two new international partnerships – with Cambridge University Press India and Australian Scholarly Publishing (ASP). These collaborative partnerships will further extend the reach of Anthem’s books across the globe. In addition, through our collaboration with ASP, we will be able to introduce more Australian scholarly works into other international markets.

Furthermore, to celebrate Anthem’s publishing history, we are launching two new series: Anthem Publishing Studies and Anthem Classics. The Anthem Classics initiative will be a continuous publishing programme, comprising some of the most significant literature to grace human society. This exciting programme includes Anthem Classics Deluxe Editions, which feature striking collections of selected works by the greatest writers in the English language. These volumes are introduced with fascinating essays by leading scholars and adorned with beautifully designed covers. The first titles in the series are set to be released in 2014.

The second new series, Anthem Publishing Studies, will serve as a critical interchange for all participants in the book world – creators and consumers alike. Books in the series will explore publishing and the book trade at large: the authors, editors, publishers, booksellers and librarians who together produce, disseminate and preserve the world’s knowledge and culture through books, periodicals and digital media. The first book to be released in the series, The Content Machine: Towards a Theory of Publishing from the Printing Press to the Digital Network, is a ground-breaking study that demonstrates how publishing can survive and thrive in the digital age.

Via these new partnerships and series, Anthem Press aims to continue to remain at the forefront of scholarly publishing in the twenty-first century, and to further establish our commitment to providing high-calibre literature and scholarship to today’s global audience.

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