Winter Roundup: A Quarterly Highlight of our Compelling New Titles

January brings the chills of winter, and marks the end of another busy season here at Anthem Press. We want to share a selection of our exciting new titles and authors that have been released in the past three months, spanning a range of genres and topics from climate to events – just in case you missed them.

Climate Chaos and its Origins in Slavery and Capitalism

Climate Chaos is a timely and insightful publication that provides readers the latest consensus among international scientists on the cascading impacts of climate change and the tipping points that today threaten to irreversibly destroy the delicate balance of the Earth’s ecosystems. The book covers some controversial topics: that slavery in the American South is the origin of capitalism; the indigenous perspective on the environment (“Mother Earth” movement), international debates about the response to accelerating climate change, and the failure of the U.S. government to be part of the international effort to slow climate change.

Reva Blau is a writer and middle-school ELL teacher. She leads professional development that teaches empowerment along lines of race, gender, and class that is grounded in restorative practice. Judith Blau is professor emerita of sociology at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, where she chaired the social and economic justice undergraduate minor for many years. She was founder and director of the Human Rights Center of Chapel Hill-Carrboro.

A Player’s Guide to the Post-Truth Condition: The Name of the Game

Steve Fuller’s next installment is a shorter, more accessible, and updated follow-up to Post-Truth: Knowledge as a Power Game, which remains the only book that sheds a largely hopeful light on our post-truth condition across a wide range of intellectual fields and public affairs, including Brexit, Trump and the COVID-19 pandemic. The book presents sixteen short, readable chapters designed to leverage our post-truth condition’s deep historical and philosophical roots into opportunities for unprecedented innovation and change. Fuller offers a bracing, proactive and hopeful vision against the tendency to demonize post-truth as the realm of ‘fake news’ and ‘bullshit’. Where others see threats to the established order, Fuller sees opportunities to overturn it

Steve Fuller is Auguste Comte Professor of Social Epistemology at the University of Warwick, UK

 Reinventing Live: The Always-on Future of Events

This book is a must-read for anyone in, or interested in, the events industry. The authors Denzil Rankine and Marco Giberti have seen it all in their 30 years of consulting, operating and investing across the global exhibitions and events industry. Based on dozens of their interviews with senior executives, entrepreneurs and investors this book is packed full of practical case studies that will equip readers with new strategies, tools and insights they can apply back into their day-to-day roles. Forget the traditional one-off, in-person event. Welcome to a new world, where event organizers no longer see themselves as pure organizers; rather their role is to facilitate – business, connections, education and advocacy. 

Denzil Rankine is Founder and Executive Chairman of AMR International, the world’s leading strategy consulting firm for the events industry. Marco Giberti is Founder and CEO of Vesuvio Ventures. He is a successful entrepreneur and investor with 25 years’ experience in media, technology and the events industry.

Classroom 15: How the Hoover FBI Censored the Dreams of Innocent Oregon 4th Graders

This unique publication is the result of an investigative report by tenacious University of Oregon journalism students. Classroom 15 tells the story of how the dreams of fourth-grade students at the Riverside School, Roseburg, in rural Oregon timber country, were crushed by the prevailing Red Scare, McCarthyism, state and societal censorship, and J. Edgar Hoover’s FBI. The book is a remarkable example of experiential learning techniques and successes and is a prime tool to teach by specific example the pragmatic processes of student-conceptualized research, employment of the FOIA, and shoe-leather journalism.

Peter Laufer, PhD, holds the inaugural James Wallace Chair in Journalism at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication where he was awarded the Marshall Prize for teaching innovation. A former and longtime global correspondent for NBC News, Laufer reports on borders, identities and migration. He has covered the requisite wars and earthquakes, coups and elections.