Anthem Library of the Month | DON L. LOVE LIBRARY

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The Don L. Love Library at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln houses one of the largest collections of books in the Great Plains area of the United States, including an impressive selection of books in the sciences, humanities, and other areas, as well as the largest collection of books on film and media in the Midwest. With more than 2,300,000 volumes in Love’s collection, and more than 500,000 patrons annually, Love Library offers media in a wide variety of formats, and has a wireless network that provides users with access to the Internet via personal laptop computers.

Love’s collection includes volumes on art, business, education, geography, history, journalism, language, literature, philosophy, political science, psychology, religion and sociology, among numerous other disciplines, and provides an invaluable collection for the both researchers and students, all meticulously organized and catalogued. Thus, Love Library is of the great libraries of the United States, and one of the finest research libraries available to the public, which prides itself on a vast collection of books, the use of cutting edge technology, and a dedicated staff.

—Wheeler Winston Dixon, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, USA; Co-Series Editor of New Perspectives on World Cinema