Anthem Book Spotlight | How to Get Into Medical School In Australia

We are pleased to announce that we have just released a useful new book entitled ‘How to Get into Medical School in Australia’ by Timothy Shiraev. The book is the definitive guide on how to succeed in your application to medical school – and how to excel once there. It is a comprehensive book for prospective and current medical students.

Dr Timothy Shiraev completed his Bachelor of Science (Honours) in 2007 and his Bachelor of Medicine/Bachelor of Surgery (Honours) in 2012. However, in his first attempt to get into medical school, he hadn’t adequately prepared and was ultimately rejected. It was a wake-up call, forcing him to re-evaluate how he approached the process. He read everything he could on studying, GAMSAT test prep, interview techniques, etc. As a result, he was accepted into medical school the second time around and this book is a tribute to the amount of preparation and study he put in to earn his spot.

Making it into and surviving medical school are not easy feats and this book is very upfront about how taxing the process to becoming a doctor can be. But it also provides a glimpse into how rewarding it can be and if, after weighing everything out, you decide it’s worth it – this is one of the best books out there to see you through.

When we say comprehensive, we mean comprehensive. Simply take a look at the table of contents to get a sense of what this book covers: This book touches on what characteristics a person should possess to become a doctor, study techniques,  UMAT and GAMSAT prep, special applicants tips (such as those for mature age and indigenous students – and for your non-Australians an international student section), interview tips, university information etc. The appendices and references alone make this book a worthwhile investment with useful test prep questions, practice interview questions, sample CVs, etc. Additionally, peppered throughout the book are useful quotes from people describing their experiences and offering their insight into the various stages of the process.

Consultant Neurologist at St Vincent’s Hospital (Sydney), Associate Professor Ray Garrick, has said the following about the book: ‘This is a thoroughly researched and well-written book that will be an invaluable resource for all people intending to apply for medical school, and also for people who are considering the possibility of a medical career. It is the most comprehensive overview to date, and provides excellent advice on how to approach decisions on which medical school to choose and on the options for support.’

This is the first in an Anthem series of ‘How to Get Into Medical School’ around the world.

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