Professor Craig Calhoun and the Public Mission of Research Universities

2012 © LSE

In a recent lecture at the LSE, Professor Craig Calhoun, who is a world-renowned social scientist and the LSE Director (as of 1 September), discussed the public mission of research universities. It’s a very informative and interesting lecture that follows the evolution of universities and their function within and in relation to the public sphere. He delves into what it means to be ‘public’ and what issues it entails. Listen to the lecture podcast here.

Recently, Professor Calhoun, endorsed a forthcoming book of ours about, entitled ‘Thorstein Veblen: Economics for an Age of Crises.’ He described it as ‘an important book for all social scientists’ and noted that “the contributors both situate Veblen historically and bring his work alive for discussion of contemporary issues – and his work is very helpful indeed.’’ Find more about our upcoming release here.