Talk of the Town: 8 Things that Happened in the Publishing Industry in June 2020

In June 2020, the tremors of the global Black Matter Protests protests against police brutality have penetrated industries that reinforce systemic racism, with publishing being one of them.

That’s why Anthem Press has curated 5 note-worthy articles that contribute to a glimpse of the current state and future trajectory of the publishing industry. Whether data, news or commentary, we aim to keep you informed.

1. Publishers Sue Internet Archive Over Scanning of Books

In March 2020, the Internet Archive established a “National Emergency Library” to provide free digital content while schools, libraries and regular research activities were put on pause. In June 2020, publishers sued the digital library for copyright infringement, a continuation of the battle between the traditional publishing community and free-to-access internet community.

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photo-1588196749597-9ff075ee6b5b2. Richard Charkin: Ten Publishing Things That Will Never Be The Same

President of the International Publishers Association Richard Charkin lists the industry-altering effects of the pandemic on the publishing world including the move away from print review copies, the inevitable push to digital learning, the new ‘work from home’ culture, and no more publishing parties!

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3. Authors Push for Transparency with #PublishingPaidMe

On Twitter, the trending hashtag #PublishingPaidMe exposed the disparity in book advances between white and black authors as hundreds of authors publicly shared their advances in order to hold publishing houses accountable for the imbalance in pay.

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4. University of California, Springer Nature Sign Groundbreaking Open Access Deal

The University of California signed the largest open access agreement in North America to date. The deal will allow for the open access publication of UC research in roughly 2,700 Springer Nature journals, and will give UC students, faculty, and researchers access to roughly 1,000 more Springer Nature journals than UC previously subscribed to.

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photo-1561851561-04ee3d3244235. Putting a Value on Author Events at the Library

Libraries are excellent book marketers for local and midlist authors, designing events that cater directly to their communities. But how can a library measure the actual value of its platform, and then communicate that value so publishers can understand and compare it to their traditional marketing channels?

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6. The industry is ‘hostile environment on multiple levels’, says Singh

Jhalak Prize co-founder Sunny Singh calls out the publishing industry’s treatment of writers of colour, from the way they are received to the way they are reviewed. Singh points out that the problem must be addressed structurally, from hiring leadership to academics to widen the breadth of teaching writers of colour in universities.

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photo-1544719576-0b52abab3d037. Bookwire’s ‘All About Audio’ Conference Wednesday: Hearing the Potential

On June 24, Bookwire held an ‘All About Audio’ Conference, where data pointed out the pandemic has led to an increase in subscription services, podcasting is growing faster in non-English speaking markets, and the transition from text to voice in that the audio market will soon outgrow the popularity of e-books.

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8. The 2020 Charleston Conference is Going Virtual

While the Charleston Conference is going virtual this year, they promise a virtual vendor showcase, several networking opportunities, and a user-friendly interface for conference sessions. They have extended the proposal deadline for the Call for Papers to Friday, July 17.

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