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Anthem Scholarship in the Digital Age investigates the global impact of technology and computing on knowledge and society. Tracing transformations in communication, learning and research, the groundbreaking titles in this series demonstrate the far-reaching effects of the digital revolution across disciplines, cultures and languages.

Edited by Paul Arthur (University of Western Sydney), Willard McCarty (King’s College London) and Patrik Svensson (Umeå University), with an equally impressive editorial board, this series is one we think you should keep an eye on. Recently, Willard McCarty was honoured for lifetime achievement at the Digital Humanities 2013 conference. The conference was excellent, well attended and Anthem was able to feature there.

We’re also very excited about the latest release in the series, Memory Machines, by Belinda Barnet. The book explores the history of hypertext, an influential concept that forms the underlying structure of the World Wide Web and innumerable software applications. Ted Nelson, a hypertext pioneer, said of the new title: ‘Belinda Barnet has given the world a fine-grain, blow-by-blow report of how hypertext happened, how we blundered to the World Wide Web, and what other things electronic literature might still become.


Featured Title

Reading by Numbers
Recalibrating the Literary Field
By Katherine Bode

This book explores the critical potential of digital and quantitative methods for producing new knowledge about literary and cultural history.

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