Anthem Book Spotlight | HORROR AND THE HORROR FILM

During the recent Halloween season, our new book, Horror and the Horror Film by Bruce F. Kawin, was featured as a giveaway prize in several horror festivals around the U.S. Both the RI International Horror Film Festival and Knoxville Horror Film Fest raffled off several copies of the book during the screenings and the New Orleans Horror Film Festival will be doing post-festival giveaway on their website soon. Also, if you find yourself in the Atlanta area this upcoming weekend (9-11 November), the book will be a giveaway prize at the Buried Alive Horror Film Festival.

Since its release in June, Horror and the Horror Film, has received many positive reviews from several publications including Rue Morgue, Times Literary Supplement and the Journal of Media Literacy. Psychobabble dubbed Kawin’s knowledge of the horror genre as “genuinely encyclopedic” and observed that “Horror and the Horror Film, is not a book of trivia. It is a book full of history, organized by a true master of detail who cares deeply about the subject.”

This month, in Rogue Cinema, Cary Conley wrote a glowing review of the book for their latest issue, describing it as “an extremely insightful and entertaining examination of the genre.” Conley goes on to say that “Overall…the structure is both unique and refreshing and the author is clearly an expert on the subject matter. This is one of the best surveys of the genre I’ve read to date and well worth purchasing if you are a student of film history or simply a horror movie fan interested in delving into some of the more cerebral aspects of the genre.”

The Halloween season may be over, but the horror continues. Find more reviews and information here or buy your own copy on Amazon.